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The vast majority of Carthians are younger vampires, neonates just beginning to learn their own natures and the laws of the night. Perhaps it is these revelations that draw the youngest vampires to the Carthian Movement - some having a sincere desire for change and others simply wanting to belong somewhere.

The feudal model of governance held by the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum alliance is questioned by the Carthians - a process that began the 18th century as the mortal world rallied to the cause of new forms of government, many young vampires adapted new systems of politics to the society of the Damned. Though Carthians do not always agree on what sort of political system is best, they find common disillusionment with the outdated modes of governance to which so many other Kindred cling to unquestioningly. Such philosophy finds a home especially in the New World, whose sovereignty was won from the clutches of aristocratic nations. The Carthians believe that it can be won for the vampiric order as well.

Daeva - Though Daeva represent a small percentage of the covenant members, some do join the Carthian Movement, possibly out of desire to involve themselves in the affairs of others, or out of genuine passion for the cause.

Gangrel - Some gangrel may align themselves with the Carthians out of convenience, having a network of allies across the land to call on in times of need is a definite bonus to a gangrel with wanderlust. The Carthian movement, with its ideals of democracy and equality is not that difficult to swallow and their rituals and covenant meetings are simple and easy to abide by.

Mekhet - The clan represents the largest percentage of members, who consider the covenant to be the last and best chance for positive relations between Kindred and Kine.

Nosferatu - Nosferatu join the Carthian Movement out of appreciation for a venue in which fear can motivate. Certainly, the Carthian movement provides much opportunity for influencing and persuading the masses, and Nosferatu might take this to extremes.

Ventrue - The Ventrue normally shy away from the Carthian Movement. Most ventrue favor the traditional feudalistic governing style afforded by the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum, but one could also assume that they only favor this system because the system favors them. It would not be out of the question to imagine younger disenfranchised Ventrue who align themselves with the Carthian Movement.


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