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Words of Wisdom

A great wall separates us, in our current reality where the powerful pee - figuratively - on us, from the emerging new era with its limitless possibilities. It's not a physical wall, but rather a wall built of our own fears - fears about changing the current reality, fears about looking at conventional wisdom and saying "oh piss on this" and fears about moving forward on our own steam to our own future.

There are all kinds of fears within our wall: Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of having old friends and colleagues look at us as though we've got two heads. Who we are, where we are and what we fear most, determine the height and imperviousness of our own piece of the wall. Many of those around us are still on the current reality side, oblivious to the evolution that's happening all around. Those who are really into the current reality spend their time seeking status, racing with rats, absorbing the pulp fiction that the mainstream sells them, believing that work makes free and, just in case it doesn't, buying lottery tickets.

A growing number however are sitting on the wall. Many have learned through some bone jarring experience or just a persistent gnawing in the backs of their minds that the current reality really sucks and is passing into history and that better things are possible. They've scaled the wall and stand precariously looking at what lies on the other side.

What they see is confusing - it has no real form, but is sort of dazzling just the same. The absence of the structures of the current reality makes it so. What we see is the future, so there's nothing there right now, just limitless possibilities. What we see is our freedom. There are no structures to keep us locked up and muzzled.

Those of us who are on the wall are in a quandary - We realize that much of what we have believed in and held dear is just a lot of smoke and mirrors.. On the other hand, going forward is scary. You don't know what it's going to be like out there. We know that if we go forward we can help create it and it could be a wonderful era, something we've been dreaming of for several millennia. But we hesitate because going forward means - potentially - giving up so much of what is known. We've been taught to look before we leap. Better the devil you know than the one you don't know.

Going over the wall requires - firstly - that you abandon any notions you have about the "rightness" of conventional wisdom. You must not rely on conventional wisdom (what is understood as right, proper, acceptable by the mainstream of society). If you do, you'll sit on the wall forever or fall backwards.

A few of us have gone over the wall or at least go over it frequently to explore and we'll make no bones about it: It's pretty cool. Well, it's not without its challenges but we haven't looked back yet, not with any longing for the current reality anyways.